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Research & Development


Research and Development One of the missions of NWPGCL is to be an innovative and technology-driven organization. Therefore, any innovative thinking is always welcome in the working culture of this Company. The employees of the Company are free to share their insights about the use of new technologies and methods or to modify existing systems in order to increase the efficiency and reliability of electricity production. The Research & Development under the Planning & Design Division is primarily focused on the following activities:


A. Innovation Activities

Under the guidance of the Power Division, NWPGCL and its field offices are continuously engaged in different innovation activities in order to ensure continuous improvement of operational performance. A central database has been formed enlisting all the innovation activities under the banner of NWPGCL (Click Here)


B. Research Related

The R&D team of the Planning and Design Division of NWPGCL is engaged in different research activities on equipment and machinery related to power generation, in collaborating with various reputed universities and research organizations.


C. Climate Change

Adaptation and Mitigation Related Another focus area of R&D is to conduct different studies and research on incorporating various environment friendly technologies to the existing and future power plants based on fossil fuels such as, carbon capture and storage (CCS), ensuring zero emission, zero liquid discharge, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), etc. NWPGCL is also actively investigating the feasibility of replacing fossil fuel with hydrogen for power generation. In order to reduce GHG emissions and achieve Nationally Determined Contributions, the Government of Bangladesh is planning to implement Hydrogen co-firing in gas based and ammonia co-firing in coal-based power generation facilities. NWPGCL is also carrying on research activities and cost-benefit analysis to implement the same.


D. Renewable Energy

Related Wide range of renewable applications is one of the main objectives of research & development of NWPGCL which is managed by conducting study on the applicability and feasibility of non-conventional sources of energy such as, geothermal, offshore wind, floating solar, ocean tide, biomass, etc


E. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Related

Conducting study on the various procedures for enhancing energy efficiency & conservation such as, optimization of fuel system, turbine blade upgrade, reduction of auxiliary consumption, reducing plant start-up time, decreasing energy losses in various auxiliary systems, etc. NWPGCL has recently introduced energy auditing at its power plants in order to assess the overall pattern of energy consumption, energy inputs and production output, identifying potential areas of thermal and electrical energy economy, etc. NWPGCL conducted energy audit in 4 (four) of its existing power plants in operation in the FY 2021-22. The Key Performance Indicators of the major energy consuming equipment of the power plants were measured and compared with baseline values to assess the present performance. Various no cost and low cost measures were also identified and implemented subsequently. NWPGCL has recently carried out unprecedented activities in this sector by formulating the Energy Audit Policy and Energy Audit Manual for the Company. A Central Energy Audit Committee comprising of Engineers from P&D and power plants was formed to carry on energy audit activities. The Company presently is equipped with 2 (two) SREDA Certified Energy Auditors who are contributing in energy audit activities of the Company. From the FY 2022-23 onwards, the Company aims to conduct energy audit in all of its power plants with the objective of promoting energy efficiency and conservation in line with the Government’s target of achieving 20% reduction in primary energy consumption per GDP by 2030. The Company is eying to ISO 50001 certification in near future.


F. Digitalization of Process

Under the Research and Development, NWPGCL is acquiring various application softwares and simulators for power plant design, operation, and maintenance.


G. Arranging Technical Training

Under the R&D, some specialized technical training on O&M of power plant, project management, 4th Industrial Revolution and their challenges, etc. are being arranged.


H. Process Standardization/Digitalization

Related A power generating utility like NWPGCL has to prepare various documents during project formulation such as, Bidding Document, Request for Proposal, etc. In addition, various procedures are to be followed during O&M stage. Preparing standard format for such documents is also taken as a research and development related activity. In order to keep a track of on-going procurement activities, a software namely ‘Task Management’ has been implemented jointly by the Procurement Division and ICT (taskmapp.nwpgcl.gov.bd). It is presently being maintained to keep track of all procurement related activities conducted from the Corporate Office of NWPGCL. It has contributed a lot in ensuring digitization of procurement activities of the Company.


I. New Project Related

There are a number of procedures that are to be followed during formulation of a new project such as, approval of line ministry, approval of other ministries, approval from ECNEC, etc. In addition, there are other requirements of license/approval/clearance from various other organizations such as, DoE, DoEXP, clearance from local government authority, etc. Preparing and maintaining/updating a standard flow chart for these procedures is also a function of research and development wing.


J. Factory Acceptance/Equipment Testing Related

As a contractual requirement, before shipping of any major plant equipment, Engineers visit the factory of the manufacturer of the equipment to witness the testing procedures. Hence, preparing, maintaining and updating a standard testing procedure will ensure proper testing of the equipment and gradually decrease dependance on third party consultants. This is one of the major focus areas for R&D as well.


K. O&M Related

During O&M of a power plant, there are a number of issues which need continuous monitoring and evaluation for the proper functioning of the power plant. Some of the prime issues are Understand and adhere to all Local, Corporate Safety and Environmental Policies; Plan, develop and implement test procedures to monitor GT, ST and all plant systems for their condition and performance; Ensure best use of the plant performance software package. Generate report using performance software package on regular basis and analysis of generated data to guide operation team for better performance of plants; Analysis of generation report/MOD; Documentation of all generated report in both soft and hard copies on regular basis in a systematic method; Provide and maintain a technical and maintenance library which shall include maintenance and test procedures, instruction books, technical manuals and drawings for all plant equipment and systems; Periodic monitoring and analysis of all critical operating materials and fluids going in and out of plant; Study the requirement of any modification required for the better performance of the power plant; Carryout technical study and provide engineering decision for any proposed change of operation or maintenance procedure/ system; Establish and maintain complete equipment and systems maintenance and test history records; Performing the above-stated activities and collaborating with other functional departments in carrying out those activities successfully is also a major R&D activity.

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