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Human Resource Management (HRM) & Administration


Human Resource Management (HRM) is a part of management process which develops and manages the human element of the enterprise considering their resourcefulness in terms of knowledge, skills, abilities, talents, aptitudes and potentialities for effectively contributing to the achievement of organizational goals. It is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets – “THE PEOPLE”. This is a process by which an organization ensures that it has the right number and kinds of people at the right place at the right time to do the job effectively and efficiently.  The Human Resource & Administration Division of this organization is responsible for managing, assisting and dealing with all employee related matters including functions such as recruitment process, training and development, rules and policies, administration, employee welfare, motivation, work life balance, employee relations and labor laws, conflict management and employee support programs. The Human Resource & Administration Division works with other departments to facilitate the organizational development.


HR Vision

To promote excellence among employees by developing and providing contemporary HR programs and strategies to accomplish the company’s goals.


HR Objectives

  • Recruit and retain talented people.
  • Ensure the service and benefits to all the employees.
  • Enrich and Enhance knowledge, skills and abilities of the employees through training and development programs.
  • Encourage innovation, creativity and flexibility necessary to enhance employee competitiveness.
  • Performance based Management.
  • Proper management and optimum utilization of people effectively and efficiently.
  • Develop and ensure healthy working environment for the employees.
  • Ensure the prevalence of rules and regulations in the company.


The Company takes pride in its highly motivated and competent human resources who contribute their best to bring the Company to its present heights. It has a well-diversified pool of human resources, which is composed of personnel with experience and high academic background. It intends to re-shape and continuous upgradation of its Human Resources so that they become more effective and efficient.



Human Resource Division plays the main role in case of recruitment. The objectives of recruitment of NWPGCL are to provide the company with quality and necessary human resources to ensure health, survival, growth and effective operation of the company.  The company prepares an annual recruitment plan to ensure the right number of people to be recruited against the vacant posts of particular financial year. Upon approval from the competent authority HR Division carries out the recruitment process. Transparency and efficiency both are maintained in recruitment process of NWPGCL.


Promotion Policy

North-West Power Generation Company Limited Follows Promotion Schedule which is the part of its Service Rules. Promotion is made keeping the long-term organizational and individual goal in view. The main objective of promotion policy of the company is to ensure competent personnel to be promoted to higher post and to create an internal environment for high morale and sense of belongingness among the employees.


Employee Relations

NWPGCL put great effort into maintaining strong employee relations among all levels of employees. Employees participation in management and decision-making process develops the mutual respect, trust and a feeling of being a progressive partner in growth and success of the company. Both employees and management complement each other’s efforts in achieving the goals of the Company as well as its stakeholders, signifying and highlighting overall harmony and cordial employee relations prevailing in the Company.    


Training and Development

North-West Power Generation Company Ltd.  (NWPGCL) always considers training as a dominant factor to enrich the skills, knowledge, efficiencies and effectiveness of the employees. Despite being an engineering entity, this company also emphasizes on the training of all categories of employees as well as enough budget has been allocated accordingly. NWPGCL is committed to the fact that all employees have access to learning, development and training opportunities which enable them to be suitably knowledgeable and skilled to carry out their role effectively and efficiently. NWPGCL helps employees develop their talents in ways that fit with the Company’s development to meet its strategic objectives. Employees are trained based on their requirements through Training Needs Assessments (TNA). Therefore, decision about investments in employee training and development will always be made based on the necessity of the business of the organization as well as the employees’ individual needs.


Training Calendar
2022-2023 30/06/2022 Download




Annual Performance Agreement (APA) Implementation

Every financial year an Annual Performance Agreement (APA) is signed between the Secretary of Power division & the CEO of NWPGCL. Furthermore, the CEO signs APA with senior management i.e., Executive Directors, General Manager (HR & Administration), Deputy General Manager (Audit) & Company Secretary, which cascade into APAs of senior officers up to Deputy General Managers/ Superintendent Engineers of respective departments. Then, their APAs are further analysed into KPI targets in PMS format and delegated from Managers/Executive Engineers to supporting staffs. At the end of the financial year, everyone’s target achievement is evaluated by their controlling officers. Based on evaluation, good performers are rewarded with KPI incentive bonus.

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